Bob Hess - Horse Trainer Del Mar

Bob Hess

Hess Racing, Inc.

Del Mar,  CA

  • phone: (626) 437-4730

The relationship between man and horse might be, worldwide, one of the most enduring icons of grace, success, and freedom there is. The pairing is as much as a bridge to the days where man and animal were unified in work and sport; while they’re spiritually tethered in pursuit of the mundane to the most extraordinary of goals.


As far as Southern California’s concerned, you’d be hard pressed to find another tradition that’s more vital than The Del Mar Thoroughbred Club. Considered one of the most prestigious in the circuit, Del Mar has served host to horse racing royalty and it’s high court for decades, including this year’s triple-crown champ, American Pharaoh.


It’s easy to lose the fact that a city known for its epic beaches and surf could also be a premier location for world-class horse racing. On any given race day, a significant number of would-be lucky ticket holders watching from the stands might not understand the actual importance of this hallowed track better than renowned horse trainer, Bob Hess. Maybe it comes from the working knowledge that can only come from over 1000 career wins. Or maybe it has to do with Hess’ own family pedigree in the sport – his dad is 85 and still at it; they’ve earned their runners over $50 million and have combined for well over 2000 wins. Winning and horses; are simply in their blood.


So, how do you find a $300 million dollar horse (American Pharaoh is expected to generate as much in breeding fees)? What exact science, mathematical algorithm or just plain brand of dumb luck can produce win after win in a sport that’s economic foundation is luck, itself? To Bob, the answer’s as easy as it is ancient in its complexity; “look at it, listen to it, and feel it”. Simple enough.


Watch the video above to learn more about Bob's approach to horse racing and just how important the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club is to the community as he sits down for a chat with luxury real estate agent Jon Granston.